Services for collaborative IT-systems
Company - QE LaB Business Services GmbH – Ihr Quality Engineering-Dienstleister

Experience and the Power of Innovation

Quality of collaborative IT systems is the core of our work at QE LaB Business Services GmbH. The founders Prof. Dr. Ruth Breu, Dr. Michael Felderer (Managing Director) and Dr. Michael Breu have been working in the area of Quality Engineering for many years and have a wide range of experience in research and industry projects.

QE LaB Business Services GmbH is a spin-off of the University of Innsbruck. We base ourselves on the research work of the research group Quality Engineering and the Quality Engineering Laura Bassi Lab (QE LaB). The latter is an application-oriented research center funded by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Economics, Family and Youth and by industry partners.

The results of our research work have been put to good use in cooperation with companies and have been applied to the development of methods and tools for practical use, over the past few years. QE LaB Business Services GmbH has been providing services in this area since the beginning of 2012.

QE LaB Business Services – Your Quality Engineering Service Provider